Report: Ad, Marketing Workers a ‘Social’ Bunch

People in advertising/marketing jobs are nothing if not social. A new report from NetProspex ranks industries by the degree to which their employees are involved in using social media, and “advertising & marketing” ranked second only to “search engines/online portals.”

Filling out the top 10 in the standings of most social of the 50 industries measured were “banking,” “traditional media (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines),” “toys & games,” “human resources & recruiting,” “information technology,” “software,” “consumer electronics” and “retail apparel.”

The industry ranking the lowest for engagement with social media: “funeral homes & funeral-related services.” (Readers may insert their own tasteless joke here to account for that sector’s showing.) The report did add, though, that while funeral-industry workers do little tweeting, “They do, however, have more Facebook friends than people who work at zoos & national parks.”

The rankings generated by NetProspex (a sales and marketing database) are based on an index that takes into account “social connectedness” (defined as “The number of employees with at least one social-media profile”); “social friendliness and reach” (defined as “The average number of connections per employee across major social networks”); and “social activity” (defined as “The average number of tweets, number of followers and number of users following”).

In addition to getting the highest overall index score for use of social media, the “search engines/online portals” sector also ranked highest for use of Twitter (including number of employees with a Twitter account, average number of tweets and so on). The report says “advertising & marketing” had a high number of Twitter users, but nonetheless did not rank high in number of tweets it generates.

Another part of the report ranked various job categories by their use of social media. “Marketing/chief marketing officer” came out on top here, followed by “human resources & recruiting,” “communications/public relations,” “information technology” and “sales.”

Consistent with the report’s industry-related standings for social-media engagement, Google topped the list of companies with the most social employees, followed by Microsoft,, Juniper Networks and Adobe. Google’s workforce also ranked as the most Twitter intensive, followed by Walt Disney, Live Nation, and Adobe.