Repeat Offenders

When it comes to political humor, the Democrats are running on empty this election year.

As James Carville stepped to the microphone at last week’s Account Planning Conference in Washington, D.C., attendees who were groggy from carousing the night before roused from their slumber for a little Cajun comedy. Carville first told a story about driving to a restaurant with his family. “Why can’t you just be good?” Carville’s wife tells their daughter. “I’ll be good, Mommy, if you give me a dollar.” The mother responds, “Why don’t you be good like your dad and be good for nothing?”

That might have generated some yuks … if Paul Begala hadn’t used exactly the same material at the conference the day before, inserting his son in the scenario.

As his second joke, Carville recalled the famous Dan Quayle quote: “I wish I had studied Latin more so I could communicate in Latin America.” Everyone started to groan. Yep. Begala had used that one, too.

Maybe these guys could call Al Franken for some new material.