For Rent: Four Of A Kind

Four months into their unlikely existence, the Tetrick quadruplets have been cast aside by the media in favor of the surgically sep arated Guatemalan twins. But the two sets of identical twin boys born to Patrick and Christina Tetrick of Wichita, Kan., are still being positioned as must-have patriotic pitchbabies.

Lottridge Advertising of Wichita is offering Camden, Christian, Parker and Peyton “and one mother whose boys are inherently patient” for commercial gigs. “I hope you will recognize the benefits of utilizing these children as they have many unique advantages,” Teresa Lottridge writes to potential clients.

Lottridge heard about the births on the local news (the chances of having two sets of identical twins are 1 in 25 million) and offered to help. Christina has been struggling to take care of the kids on a military salary after Patrick was called for active service in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Lottridge set up a Web site ( and says pharmaceutical companies, milk, clothing and detergent as categories might be a good fit for the kids—”any client who wants a product to be double as good, quadruple!”

“[Christina] wants to get her kids out there and see if they can be noticed. I don’t know if there’s any shame in that,” says Lottridge. “I’m trying to do it right. We didn’t look at this as anything but fun.”