Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci has been spotted around Boston.

He has stopped by the Cheers bar for a quick draught, strolled Fanueil Hall carrying a Tweety Bird balloon and staged a recreation of the Boston Tea Party.

That is the gist of a TV campaign promoting the Museum of Science’s exhibition of da Vinci’s work.

Four 15-second spots, crafted by Houston Herstek Favat in Boston, are now breaking exclusively on the A&E cable network. Radio, print and outdoor executions have been running since early last month.

‘This is very low budget,’ said copywriter Maureen Begley, who created the TV ads with art director Marc Gallucci. ‘We had 15 seconds to do it in. So we had to be literal but in a funny way. We’re basically saying, ‘da Vinci’s in Boston.’ ‘

David Yawkey, an actor in Andover, Mass., is a dead ringer for the Italian artist. He does not, however, stroll down Yawkey Way, home of the Red Sox’s historic Fenway Park.

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