Reebok Names a New Chief Marketer

BOSTON Micky Pant, chief marketing officer at Reebok for more than two years, is leaving the athletic footwear and apparel company, Reebok said.

Dennis Baldwin, senior vice president of global footwear, succeeds Pant at the Canton, Mass.-based company. Reebok has yet to name a successor for Baldwin.

In a statement, Reebok said Pant is leaving to launch a new company in his native India later this year.

Reebok’s global brand marketing, including its agency roster, is not expected to undergo any significant changes due to the change in executives, a company representative said on Tuesday.

Omnicom-backed Arnell Group in New York is the client’s lead ad agency and has produced efforts tagged “Outperform.”

Reebok spends an estimated $100 million-plus annually on worldwide advertising. Through November 2003, the company spent almost $45 million on U.S. ads, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

With $3.5 billion in 2003 sales, Reebok ranks as the No.2 athletic footwear company behind Nike.