rebels wanted

Team One Advertising unveils a 3-D ad for the new Lexus IS 300 in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition Feb. 23.
The ad is expected to capitalize on the combined sex appeal of bikini-clad models (also presented in 3-D) and the luxury division’s first compact sport sedan.
The ad features a rear view of a silver Lexus as it winds through a mountain pass. Copy reads: “Unlike the women in this magazine, you can actually have this someday.”
Chris Conard, Lexus’ national advertising manager, predicts readers will connect with the message. “I think the line is brilliant,” she said. “It speaks to what’s happening in the magazine but also announces to our target audience that [the IS 300] is coming and they can have it.”
Tom Cordner, co-chairman and creative director at the El Segundo, Calif., agency, said the ad targets a previously untapped Lexus market: upwardly mobile rebels looking for an alternative to the BMW 3-series. “It’s really a mind-set more than an age group,” he said.
The ad–and the models–can be viewed at
–David Lipin