RCN Review Is Online

Angotti Likely to Defend All Ad Duties
NEW YORK–Telecommunications firm RCN Corp. has issued a questionnaire soliciting shops to pitch its $20 million ad account.
Ken Walker of Retail Options in New York is running the creative and media contest. He characterized the search as being at the “informal, credentials-gathering stage,” but he declined to elaborate.
Incumbent Angotti, Thomas, Hedge here has handled the business since 1997 when it won a review also conducted by Walker.
Angotti will likely participate, sources said. Angotti President Howard Sherman declined comment, as did RCN.
The Princeton, N.J.-based client, while happy with Angotti’s work, had “evolving needs,” said a source.
RCN, which serves the Boston to Washington, D.C., corridor, wants to launch its recently combined Internet, phone and cable services in the San Francisco area. The client wants to create awareness as a bundled service provider in the region, while boosting its list of Internet subscribers in the short-term, per its questionnaire.
In addition to that, RCN wants a shop with direct marketing capabilities, the budget for that task is another $5 million.
Angotti has no direct marketing unit, nor a California office, but it could tap such resources through its parent, the Interpublic Group of Cos.
Angotti’s most recent TV commercials for RCN focus on the company’s Internet services and subsidiaries: Javanet, Erols, Ultranet and Interport. The tagline is, “The live wire of communications.”