RC&C Targets New Web Users

S.F. Agency Kicks Off a $20 Mil. Campaign for LookSmart
SAN FRANCICO — Internet search engine LookSmart positions itself as an oasis for befuddled Web users with a $20 million campaign from Rathje Chadwick & Co. that is breaking in select national markets last week.
A 30-second TV spot launched last week and radio spots will follow this week. A print campaign is slated to break in mainstream publications in the first quarter of 2000. The tagline for the effort, which is the client’s first branding campaign, is “Don’t just look. LookSmart.”
The TV work uses a revamped version of the Beatles’ song “Help!” to underscore the usefulness of the Web site, which offers Internet users a category-based format to conduct information searches on the Net.
In the launch spot, all kinds of people use computers to surf the Net. When they find LookSmart, a tiny, surprised smile appears on their faces as they realize they were able to locate the information they wanted.
“Most ads for Internet search engines would have you believe that finding things on the Web is easy,” said George Chadwick, RC&C partner and creative director.
“The promise of the Internet is much bigger than what can be delivered. LookSmart helps empower people to do things themselves, which they might not normally expect from their Web experience,” he said.
Chadwick added that the campaign is targeted primarily toward families who are just starting to use the Web.