Core has found a fresh outlet for its creative energies. A St. Louis rave producer enlisted the shop to handle the “motion graphics” for an event that took place over the weekend.

Bob Stolzberg of St. Louis radio station KWUR-FM labeled the rave “Displaced” and billed it as a “St. Louis Techno + Art” event. Short films from Core art directors Jason Stamp, John Dames and John Arnold were among the art portion, projected on screens to the beat of techno music. Stolzberg, who lives in the building where Core has its offices, said he wanted to get away from the light and laser shows that have become standard at raves.

The agency’s films are accessible through its Web site. Agency partner Marc Kempter said the shop sees such efforts as part and parcel to what it tries to accomplish in advertising.

“For us, it’s perfectly in line with what we do,” Kempter said. “The things these guys think of for our Web site sometimes work their way into our advertising. It’s all the same thing.”