The Rating Game

Jaleel “Urkel” White’s return to television in a sitcom called Grown-Ups is not being applauded by the critics at FCB Worldwide.
“This comedy is dry, stupid, and definitely not worth a half hour of your time,” wrote Lori Shpritz and Hector Jaramillo, two members of FCB’s media department who helped put out the FCB Guide for the fall TV season.
Modeled after TV Guide–complete with horoscope–the book was launched last week to “get the word out to the agency what the media planners and buyers are doing,” said Ted Ellett, a media supervisor.
FCB Guide is not intended to influence buying for the Chicago shop’s clients, Ellett said, even for shows like Family Law that are panned. “The entire show,” he wrote, “is shot with a soft lens usually reserved for The Barbara Walters Special.”
Yet hard cold numbers still dictate where FCB puts each client’s cash. “They’re going to know I might be completely different from their target audience,” Ellett said. “We’re looking at this from an entertainment perspective purely.”
–Trevor Jensen