Rank and File

Tough times make managers take a hard look at the rank and file, and many don’t like what they see. In a survey of 200 executives by Accenture, three-quarters of the respondents said their companies had increased or maintained their human resources and training-and-development budgets during the past year. But only 17 percent reported that they are very satisfied with the programs’ success, and only one in four said they believe that most of their employees have the skills to execute their jobs at industry-leading levels. Accenture’s managing partner of human performance, Peter Cheese, blames poor follow-up. “Measuring the impact of [training],” he says, “is key to ensuring companies’ ongoing success.” —Tish Hamilton

Executive’s To-Do List for 2003

Attract and retain skilled staff

Change organizational culture and employee attitudes

Change leadership and management behaviors

Improve workforce performance

Boost customer care and service

Source: Accenture