Range Rover Gets Creative With Evoque Campaign

Interactive 'Being Henry' ad puts consumers in the driver's seat

With its new 2012 Evoque model, Range Rover is all about options. To underscore this point, the carmaker has teamed up with The Brooklyn Brothers, London, and Somesuch & Co. to produce Being Henry, a fully interactive choose-your-own-adventure online film about choices.

The elaborate ad lets you live a day in Henry’s life, navigating him to one of 32 possible endings (each representative of one of the car’s options). As Henry, you might end up getting kidnapped…or hanging out with an uninhibited sex fiend.

Range Rover claims its new car is its most efficient yet, designed with affluent, urban hipsters in mind—the kind of people who they assume dismiss the brand as a boxy, prestige badge that may have attracted their parents. Indeed, Evoque’s debut last summer at London’s Kensington Palace felt more like a fashion event. In partnership with Vogue, Range Rover used its 40th anniversary to show off the new model and introduced self-appointed style icon Victoria Beckham as a design consultant.

Posh Spice got mixed reviews as the face of Range Rover and hasn’t been seen pitching it since. Perhaps Sporty would have been the better, um, option.