Quizno’s Promotes Oven-Toasted Taste

Quizno’s unveils a new campaign this week that further emphasizes the taste of its sandwiches.

The campaign, from Cliff Freeman and Partners in New York, breaks today and conveys that Quizno’s “pioneered” the idea of oven-toasted sandwich buns.

Two 30-second spots open with a pitchman at a Quizno’s shop. Talking to the camera, he says, “At Quizno’s, we toast our subs to enhance the flavor. Are we weird? Or pioneers? Consider the Stone Age.”

The scene cuts to a group of pre-historic types questioning one man who is using a sharpened stick as a tool, instead of a rock. They become impressed with its effectiveness.

In the second spot, a caveman eating with a fork is at first thought to be using supernatural powers. Then his tribesmen realize the utensil is a good idea and elect him chief.

The work carries the new tagline, “Oven toasted tastes better.”

“Our consumer base is fairly sophisticated,” said Quizno’s evp of marketing Rob Elliott. “[Oven toasted is] what we stand for. It elevates the product’s standards and is more strategically relevant.”

“The idea of toasting as being breakthrough is funny by itself,” added agency art director Taras Wayner.

Denver-based Quizno’s spent about $10 million on ads last year; Elliott said this year’s spend would be “significantly higher,” though he would not elaborate.

Last year’s campaign, which attempted to reveal how good Quizno’s subs are, included a spot that showed a man wrestling his dog for a sub.

Quizno’s, No. 3 in the sandwich- chain category behind Subway and Blimpie, has 1,100 stores in the U.S.