QuikTrip Relies on Radio Humor

A radio campaign for QuikTrip hits the airwaves in five states this week. The comic spots feature the voice of John O’Hurley, best known as the J. Peterman character on Seinfeld.
Written and produced by Sixty Second Airborne in Atlanta, three minute-long ads pitch the Tulsa, Okla.-based fuel and food chain’s select blend coffee, using O’Hurley’s typecast mixture of informed authority and amusing bombast.
In “Humunga Fantastica,” O’Hurley narrates a young man’s visit to a pretentious coffee chain, where there’s no such thing as a simple small, medium or large serving. The customer is also confronted by Tiffany, a “cream consultant,” and Julio, “who will discuss your sweetening options.” The man then gets pitched to buy a CD of coffee songs or an espresso machine, before being asked to browse the mug museum while waiting. His change is tossed into a tip jar by the clerk.
“Stunt Doubles” is an esoteric rant about java (“Selected and blended by . . .
trained selectors
and blenders”),
omniscience (“[coffee] magically assumes the shape
of its vessel”) and stunt doubles.
In “Spillage,” O’Hurley philosophizes about QuikTrip coffee with an unfortunate gentleman who has just poured a fresh cup in his lap. “Plenty hot! And so fresh and aromatic!” O’Hurley says.
The spots, conceived by agency partners Fred Leo and Brian Sack, debut in Georgia, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Iowa this week. K