Pump Media Goes Interactive

Pump Media, a digital out-of-home network at the gas pump, is going interactive, turning its audio and video LCD screens into touch screens developed by 3M.
To start, the company recently upgraded its screens at two Chevron stations in Los Angeles. Plans are to roll out the touch screens to 100 stations in four California markets in Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento and San Francisco, at specific Chevron and Chevron/Extra Mile stations.
The screens, located at the top of the gas pump, not only play ads, but also include a row of buttons at the bottom of the screen that the consumer is invited to touch for directions, traffic, lotto, news, a menu for a local restaurant and even to get coupons. Motorists can also make purchases right at the pump.
The company is just now marketing its interactive ad platform to advertisers which are a “natural fit” for this type of advertising, said Peter Tawil, chief marketing officer, vp of sales and founder of Pump Media.
Pump Media is one of several companies providing digital networks at the gas pump. The network currently reaches more than 200 stations in eight markets including Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, St. Louis, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Columbus, Ohio and Washington, D.C.
Source: Mediaweek.com