Puma Goes Global for Spring

NEW YORK Puma yesterday launched a worldwide campaign from New York-based Late Night & Weekends for its spring shoe and apparel collection, French 77.

There are four 15-second spots as well as print, interactive and in-store billboards.

In “Stairs,” two people run along black discs that resemble steps suspended in mid-air. The man runs along the top while the woman runs upside down on the bottom. The discs then turn into the air holes atop of a pair of Pumas.

There is also a behind-the-scenes making of a video that is circulating in the blogosphere.

“We took aspects of the product and built animations to be the only thing that the human beings can interact with,” said Alex Vlack, evp, co-founder of Late Night.

The campaign is scheduled to run for 12 weeks. Print will appear in publications such as Vibe, Anthem, Complex and Fader. Countries that will see TV, online and print ads include Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Norway, Switzerland and the U.K.

Guillermo Vilas, a champion Argentinean tennis player who rose to fame in the 1970s, inspired the line: “We’re not rolling through historical footage that would fall on deaf eyes.”

“We used him for inspiration for that classic court look,” said Antonio Bertone, group functional director, brand and marketing at Puma. “We’re trying to find a lighthearted inclusive approach. You can see the heritage call back in it.”