Print and Web Campaign For Levi’s Gen Y

Building on the success of its fall 2000 “Lost But Not Lost” campaign, Levi’s Silvertab is launching “Lost Arcade,” an integrated print and online effort to connect with Gen Y types via interactive games, high-tech prizes and Silvertab clothes.

Print, in-store and Internet imagery shows urban nomads like Irena and Ijeoma in Neo-bootcut Silvertab jeans and looser-cut styles, crew-neck tops and plaid shirts accessorized with Motorola Talkabouts, Sony Mini DVs and other gizmos. “It’s about how fashion meets technology,” said Levi’s spokesman DannyKraus. “It shows the plugged-in youth market and the tools they use.”

“Lost But Not Lost,” which launched last September, followed the adventures of three real-life urban nomads on a road-trip from Marrakech to Essaouira over a three-month period. Photos and videos displayed on numerous Web sites showed Silvertab clothes and high-tech items from Sony against an ancient Moroccan backdrop.

“Lost Arcade,” set in New York City, involves youth in three online games. “Get Yer Crocs Off” has them crush wiggly green “crocs” while avoiding racing zombie cars. “eXtreme Free Fall” is about escaping a fellow skydiver in desperate need of a parachute. “2001 @ A Robot Odyssey” deals with rebellious robots.

Game participants are eligible to win prizes which include a Sony Digicam from AtomFilms; a Beastie Boys DVD and Grand Royal artists CD library and merchandise; a snowboard or skateboard and Silvertab clothing. Atom Film and Grand Royal, a record label started by Beastie Boy Mike D., are co-marketing partners. is online-only partner for exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of feature films and original content. Each partner’s logo is included in Silvertab print advertising, and Lost Arcade banner ads run on partner web sites. Cyclops, New York, produced the print and film shoots, which took place in Coney Island, New York. ThinkThinkThink, based in Toronto, Canada and Santa Monica, Calif., developed and implemented the program.

The online site,, debuted on Feb. 28. Print breaks in March and April issues of consumer magazines including FHM, FH Collection, Honey, Jane, Maxim, Spin, Vibe and others. n fall, the campaign ratchets up another notch. “We’ve got exotic stuff planned,” Ordona said.