The Price of Fame

}For a wad of Ben Franklins, you too can be a pop-culture giant like Gidget.

Those keen to follow in the cool Chihuahua’s pawsteps were bidding on eBay last week, lured by the oppor tunity to be in a national Taco Bell spot from Foote, Cone & Belding. The listing for auction number 1485686592 asked, temptingly, “What’s better than indulg ing in a Chicken Quesadilla or Grilled Stuft Burrito at a Taco Bell in your hometown? Enjoying one on the Hollywood set of a national television commercial, that’s what!”

At press time, Rockville, Md., student Tiffany Duke—bidding under her eBay nom de com, bombhiphop—had the high offer, at $6,601. Duke, who has sold 3,252 items on eBay, including 1,603 just in the past six months, told Shoptalk she was thinking of giving the ad part to her sister. She declined further comment pending the auction’s outcome; it was due to wrap over the weekend.

The winner also gets a trip for two to the Los Angeles shoot and a hotel room for two nights. Specific duties, ad-wise, are unclear, but may involve more than traipsing around as part of a dude posse to the tune of the Bonanza theme song. “You’ll meet the people who created the commercial, marketing executives, actors and best of all—eat delicious Taco Bell food!” the listing promised.

Proceeds will go to the Twin Towers Fund as part of Taco Bell’s extensive contribution to eBay’s Auction for America drive.