Presidential Hopefuls Make Family Appeals

NEW YORK Just five days before the New Hampshire presidential primary, Senator John Kerry, who now leads Democratic rival Howard Dean in recent polls by as much as 10 percent, steps up his television presence with a new ad in the state.

Meanwhile, Senator Joe Lieberman, who has dropped to fifth in New Hampshire in recent polls, looks beyond that state with plans to air a spot in Arizona, Delaware, Oklahoma and South Carolina, leading up to primaries in those states on Feb. 3.

The latest Kerry spot, “Families,” profiles two struggling New Hampshire families, according to a representative of Riverfront Media, a unit of GMMB & SDD Agencies, which is producing the media for the Kerry campaign. The MacLellans are local teachers having difficulty making mortgage payments, while in the Knowles family, Mrs. Knowles is fighting breast cancer. Kerry explains how he will help both families if elected president. The spot will be seen across the state and in nearby Massachusetts and Maine as well.

“Experience,” which highlights Kerry’s battles with the insurance industry, drug companies and big oil, will continue to run in the state through the primary on Monday. The commercial features local people talking about Kerry’s ability to take on George W. Bush and to fight for their interests.

The Lieberman spot, “Great Country,” discusses the candidate’s grandparents and their more modest ambitions when compared to the Senator’s run at the White House in 2000. It also focuses on his pledge to “bring the American Dream back alive” through fighting for tax cuts to the middle class, affordable healthcare and paid family and medical leave.