Bill Samuels Jr. is a man known to enjoy his sipping whiskey. But the Maker’s Mark Distillery president was stone sober when he thought he spied Marilyn Monroe staring at him.
“Marilyn” was holding a “microphone” filled with bourbon on the rocks and capped by the distillery’s distinctive red wax seal.
The full-size billboard, erected alongside Interstate 71 in downtown Louisville, Ky., was the brainchild of Doe-Anderson president and chief executive officer David Wilkins.
The Louisville shop, which has been the premium whiskey maker’s agency for the past 28 years, was looking for a way to thank its client.
The occasion? Samuels’ 60th birthday.
The message? You guessed it: “Happy Birthday, Mr. President. Have a hot 60th.”
In Kentucky, Samuels is known for stocking his rollicking Derby Day parties with hordes of celebrity impersonators.
At a birthday bash the agency hosted in his honor, a more-than-reasonable facsimile of the blonde bombshell was present to salute Samuels in person.