PPG Crafts Racy Sorrells Spot

Peanut Butter Not Just for Kids Anymore
LOS ANGELES–Sorrells Pickard Gourmet Peanut Butter Co. targets viewers’ amorous tendencies in its first ad effort.
A 30-second TV spot, created by PPG Advertising, Santa Monica, Calif., shows an attractive woman with a jar of the peanut butter, the label showing a country music star, Sorrells Pickard. A voiceover asks, “How good is Sorrells Pickard gourmet peanut butter?” as the woman dabs some behind her ears and on her knees and neck. As she walks down the street, a man catches her scent. The voiceover continues, “Just ask the woman who has some …” The man follows her down the street, stopping briefly to buy a baguette. The spot ends with the man catching up as the voiceover concludes, “… or the man who knows her.”
The ad breaks this week in the Denver area, and will roll out into other markets in the first quarter, according to PPG chief strategic officer Louis Plotkin.
“Over 50 percent of all peanut butter is consumed by adults,” said Plotkin, which is why the agency decided to take an adult approach to its advertising for Sorrells, Irvine, Calif. The spot is supported by radio ads and FSIs. –Teresa Buyikian