In a new campaign for Stoneridge, a “rugged-individualist” footwear brand from Canadian shoe purveyor Aldo, Frierson Mee + Kraft conveys an unusually striking attitude.

The New York shop’s effort—its second for the brand—includes postcards and bus transit and in-theater posters.

Postcards show models firing slingshots, dropping feathers, or blowing sand, with green being the dominant color. One poster shows a male model with a swath of green paint across his visage. No shoes are shown; they did not appear in FMK’s prior campaign for Stoneridge either, which showed close-ups of faces and mouths.

FMK strategic director Heather Mee said the target audience, ages 15-25, is associated with being independent and enjoying extreme and outdoor sports. “The Stoneridge style is to … be other than obvious,” said Mee. “It’s to create an attitude and spirit.”

The effort is running in Canada, where Stone-ridge has about 30 stores; the brand is also sold in Aldo stores in Canada and the U.S.