Portland Ad rip-off

Portland, Maine, residents have grown accustomed to seeing Allagash beer ads on the sides of metropolitan area buses. Their popularity, however, seems to have gotten somewhat out of hand.

A half-dozen posters created by Woodbury & Morse were recently stolen from a bus station as they awaited posting.

“It would be a pretty cool poster to have,” said Tom Morse, creative director at the Portland agency. He’s viewing the theft as “a wonderful compliment” to the agency’s creative prowess.

The posters continue the wildlife theme the agency established during its 3-year tenure with the microbrewery. One poster, headlined “Keeper,” shows a rainbow trout alongside a bottle of Allagash White Belgian-style beer. Another, titled “Hooked,” shows a bottle wrapped in a fly fishing line. Both feature the brand’s “Always an adventure” tag.

Since the theft, replacement posters have been made and are rolling around Portland on the buses now, Morse said.