Porsche Taps Heritage and Style

Porsche goes beyond performance to draw upon its proud history in the latest round of advertising from Carmichael Lynch.

“We are focusing on things that other sports cars can’t say,” said Craig Rowley, a group account director at the Minnea polis agency. “The cam paign speaks clearly to the brand position and the degree of passion and excitement we want to continually infuse into the Porsche brand.”

The TV and print campaign builds on last year’s theme, “It’s a thrill like no other,” which emphasized the joy of driving a Porsche. This year’s effort addresses the “thrill of owning” the car, Rowley said.

The first of two spots, which broke over the weekend, features a man who has just come out of a coma driving his original 550 Porsche Spyder. When he passes a new 911 Carrera, both drivers are awed by the other’s respective car.

“Both the cars are equally cool,” said agency president John Colasanti. “Both ends of the spectrum are cars that people are im pressed by.”

The second shows a Porsche 911 being stopped at a string of red lights so traffic operators can get a better look at it.

The spots will run during NFL telecasts and on select cable networks through the fall. Porsche spends about $10 million a year on ads.