Pop Goes The Weasel

First it was the frogs. Then the lizards. Now the newest Budweiser star is a ferret.
The furry critter, star of a Bud campaign by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, landed “Ferret of the Century” honors in the December issue of Modern Ferret magazine. The spread, including a centerfold of the ferret done up in a brocade smoking jacket, caught the eye of CNN, which sent reporters to the San Francisco agency to interview Bob Morrow, the off-the-wall editor who provides the animal’s voice.
So it should have been no surprise that the ferret–in the same smoking jacket–is the subject of a new ad in which Louie the Lizard reveals the newcomer’s sleazy past.
Not that any of this was planned.
“He was just meant to be a minor character,” said copywriter Steve Dildarian.
But the client love him, as do ferret fans and award judges, and the rest is ferret history.
–Joan Voight