Politics goes Plastic

Minnesota governor and former pro wrestler Jesse Ventura is not the only politician with his own action figure anymore.
Odiorne Wilde Narraway & Partners, San Francisco, has crafted a series of lifelike figures for a Salon.com spot that ran prominently on news networks on Super Tuesday last week.
The spot hypes Politics2000, the latest Web site in the Salon network, which offers political coverage and news. The spot shows two children in a playground. The child holding a Bill Bradley figure challenges the child holding a figure of Vice President Al Gore to a debate.
As a fight ensues, a figure of Sen. John McCain parachutes down, proclaiming himself the real reformer in the race. Also making an appearance is an action figure of Texas Gov. George W. Bush, who carries money bags and chastises Gore for his fundraising practices.
The figures are now minor celebrities around the agency. Salon, San Francisco, said it decided to make the figures after 51 percent of the readers of the popular online magazine said a “kung-fu grip” was an important qualification for each presidential candidate.
Perhaps the next spot will feature a faux steel-cage match between Gore and Bush. Stay tuned.
—Justin Norton