Political Pro Opens Dallas Agency

DALLAS Political advertising firm Scott Howell & Co. has launched a nonpartisan advertising operation called The Wolf Agency.

Scott Howell, who is president of his self-titled Dallas entity and will work as a consultant for Wolf, wanted to expand his revenue base beyond cyclical political advertising, which primarily is active during election years, according to Wolf president Mark Ryan.

The new shop is a separate entity from the political firm but will share some staffers. Wolf will attempt to leverage many of the skills used in political campaigns for corporate clients. “The Wolf agency is not going to be a traditional-type ad agency,” said Howell. “What we will be is a complement to bigger agencies when there’s a need for a special niche. We’re built on speed and agility and ability to hone and redefine a message and get it out there in a hurry.”

Howell said he does not expect clients to see Wolf as a partisan organization. “The Wolf Agency gives clients political expertise but won’t take on any political work,” he said. “Obviously we want to work with clients who we share certain values with, who we like the way they think and like their business.”

Ryan, a veteran of the former Houston and Dallas offices of Interpublic Group’s McCann-Erickson, joined Scott Howell & Co. last year to create a media planning and buying group and helped create the new shop. Wolf creative director Vinny Minchillo was most recently held the same title at IPG’s Temerlin McClain in Irving, Texas, where he worked on the accounts of American Airlines and Subaru.

Senate Republicans Jim Talent of Missouri, Norm Coleman of Minnesota and Saxby Chambliss of Georgia were among Scott Howell & Co.’s clients in the 2002 election year.