Polaroid Takes a Wide-Angle B-to-B View

BOSTON Connelly Partners/CGN targets a diverse audience in its first major advertising effort for Polaroid.

Parents, teachers, dentists, beauty consultants and passport photo services are among the target audiences for different ads in the campaign from the Boston independent, which was added to Polaroid’s agency roster last fall.

Though each ad has a different constituency, the overall goal is to promote Polaroid as the most reliable solution in the business-to-business imaging sector. “The key message is that Polaroid is making a lasting impression; it’s a household name,” said agency creative director Alyssa D’Arienzo-Toro. “In all markets, it makes an impression on business customers that keeps them coming back.”

Several print ads touting Polaroid’s Macro 5 camera are aimed at dentists and other professionals with high-resolution imaging needs. One execution shows two Polaroid photos, both showing a close-up of a patient’s teeth, paper-clipped to a folder. The image taken with the Macro 5 is more vibrant and clear. “Instant images so realistic, you may find yourself handling them with latex gloves,” the copy reads.

Another ad shows a woman’s face, with one eye highlighted in a close-up. “With every picture, your clients look closer to the age they tell people they are,” the text begins.

The campaign, which does not employ a tagline, will run mainly in vertical trade magazines. Direct and online efforts are also in the mix. Spending is likely in the low seven figures.

Polaroid’s consumer products agency is Publicis’ Leo Burnett in Chicago. Burnett in December launched a print series for the client’s I-Zone instant camera.