The Play’s the Thing

“He was always a great e-mail writer” may be something they eventually say about the next Shakespeare. So Jeremy Soule can be pleased that his boss says it about him.

Playwriting, not e-mail, is the 24-year-old NYU grad’s real passion—when he’s not working as an assistant and “morale machine” in Danny Gregory’s creative department at Doremus in New York. But e-mail was a key element of Heartbreak of the Last Handwriting, Soule’s one-act produced this year by the Ensemble Studio Theatre. With its plot about young romantics courting on the Net, it caught the eye of the folks in Hollywood who are always on the lookout for the next You’ve Got Mail. That The New York Times called it a “terrific production, with talent bursting out all over” didn’t hurt either.

Until that call comes, Soule seems happy at Doremus. “Like many artists in the city, I imagined myself bouncing around between temp jobs,” he says. “But they convinced me to stay.” Don’t expect his next play—a full-length he’s working on—to be about advertising, though. “There are a lot of characters,” he says, “but it might be too easy.”

Gregory, meanwhile, is philosophical. “I hope he’s successful,” he says coyly, “but not so successful that he goes on to better things.”