Marketers at the Los Angeles Zoo, faced with a low ad budget and summer competition from biggies like Disneyland and Universal Studios, were perplexed about how to get L.A. residents to keep the zoo in mind for summer outings. While the zoo isn’t a top-of-mind attraction, ‘When kids and their parents come, they love it,’ said Lora LaMarca, Zoo pr director. ‘It’s fun, it’s educational, it’s even inexpensive. We wanted to communicate all of that.’ So Zoo agency Batey Ads decided to let kids shoot their own commercials. Batey brought together 10 kids aged 7-12 from a cross-section of L.A. County. Each of their families met at the zoo, each kid was handed a camcorder and told to go off, have fun and shoot anything they wanted. Hours of footage and sound later, the zoo had seven new TV spots; two in Spanish.
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