Planet 10 buckles down

Seat belts are shown as smart fashion accessories in a new campaign promoting use of the restraints that Planet 10 did for the Indiana Network of Employees for Traffic Safety.

The print and outdoor campaign breaks later this week and is tagged, “Seat belts: The most important thing you wear.”

The Indianapolis shop uses fashion-style photos and headlines such as “Cover your butt” to convey the message of the importance of wearing a seat belt. “Secure your valuables,” reads the copy in one execution in which a woman carries a purse over her shoulder with the seat belt acting as the purse’s strap.

Another is more provocative and has a woman strapping a seat belt behind her back as she would a bra. “Safety first,” reads the copy.

“We wanted a more edgy feel that takes a new look at an old problem,” said Chris Bass, Planet 10’s account manager/business development.