A Place Among Peers For Bell

Margaret Thatcher’s favorite adman, Sir Tim Bell, is expected to gain a place in Britain’s House of Lords when the next listing of peers is announced later this month.
Bell, now chairman of London’s Bell Pottinger Communications Group, had been passed over while other Tory advisors like Maurice Saatchi and Peter Gummer (head of Shandwick Public Relations) were elevated to the secondary chamber of Parliament.
Bell, who became famous for helping the Conservatives win successive general elections, also advised John Major. He is best known for Thatcher’s 1979 campaign posters headlined “Labour isn’t working,” which featured lines of jobless Britons.
In his office, Bell still keeps a photo of Thatcher, with the handwritten message: “From Margaret, with love.” She later showed thanks by recommending him for knighthood in 1990.
Many believe those loyalties to Thatcher stopped Major from sending Bell to the House of Lords.
–Noreen O’Leary