Newspaper-Themed Pizza Chain Makes Headlines in Orlando

Anaheim, Calif.-based The Pizza Press is doing much better than its namesake newspaper business

The Pizza Press, a build-your-own-pie chain launched in Anaheim, Calif. in 2012, is five years later in full expansion mode. The 12th U.S. location is set to open Saturday in Orlando, completing the Disneyland and Disney World overlap. New states on the horizon are North Carolina, Nevada and Washington, with the chain hoping to have 100 total stores in operation by the end of 2018.

In other words, the casual marriage of a 1920s newspaper theme and the idea of pressing out dough for pizzas seems to be working, in a retail marketplace that is extremely crowded. On The Pizza Press menu, set pizzas have names like The Chronicle, The Herald and The Sun, while dessert selections are listed under The Daily Scoop.

Orlando Sentinel reporter Kyle Arnold ends his piece with a joke about the possibility of a pizza named The Sentinel being on the local menu. He has also, for good measure, thrown in the topping of a typo, listing the store’s hours as 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Earlier this year, The Pizza Press moved its flagship in Anaheim to a much larger space that sits directly across from Disneyland. For any newspaper reporter looking to cry in their beer, there is a large selection of craft brews.

H/T: @Romenesko; photo via Facebook