“Pick Up”

Just what the world needs, another place for obnoxious men to annoy women. It’s expected at a bar, but when a hotel breakfast buffet is pitched as the next singles spot, expect bagels to fly. Or at least they should. In this new spot for Holiday Inn Express advertising the hotel chain’s new hot breakfast bar, a businessman tries to chat up the women he meets during his first meal of the day. Only they have to keep reminding him, they already know him, and work with him. “So are you from around here?” he sheepishly asks one woman he approaches. She turns around to him and explains, “Phil. It’s me, Karen. We’re here for the same conference.” Undeterred, he moves on to another woman, who again clarifies the scenario for him, “Phil, I am your boss.” He’s obviously clueless. Uh, and just the kind of coffee date every woman dreams of waking up to. Phil would send any woman running the other way and makes Holiday Inn’s breakfast offering anything but appetizing.–Eleftheria Parpis