PGC Foils Spies for Taco Bueno

Inept corporate spies return in a new Taco Bueno television spot from PGC Advertising that breaks Feb. 10.

In “Cheese Glow,” an employee of a fast-food rival tells his boss he has discovered Taco Bueno uses real cheese in its queso. “We obviously can’t compete on taste,” the worker says, but notes an advantage to their own queso: “Ours glows in the dark.”

After he turns off the lights of his spy hideout, his cheese mustache shines bright yellow, prompting his boss to say in horror, “Oh sweet mother.”

The 30-second commercial then cuts to shots of Taco Bueno’s crispy tortillas filled with cheese and ends with a voiceover of the tagline, “At Taco Bueno, it’s more bueno.”

The Omnicom agency in Dallas began the “Spy-Cam” campaign for the Carrollton, Texas-based client last May. “I think strategicallyit’s really strong in that it says a lot more than what a lot of restaurants are advertising, which is, ‘We have new items,’ ” PGC creative director David Allen said. “It gives us a nice platform to say we’re better without saying we’re better.”

The new ad breaks in spot markets in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Okla., and Dallas and Abilene, Texas. Another spot is scheduled to begin airing in the second quarter.

Taco Bueno operates 120 restaurants in Texas and Oklahoma. The client spent $2 million on media from January through October 2002, according to CMR.