P&G Changing Diapers Strategy

NEW YORK–In the wake of recent figures in which its overall diaper business fell 3.1 percent compared to the previous year, Procter & Gamble Friday said it will launch a new marketing campaign Sept. 1 for its Luvs diaper brand.

The effort will include new print and TV ads, direct mail and coupons. The Cincinnati-based company also will produce a new package for the product and add such features as “improved anti-leakage performance and a softer cloth cover.”

In addition, P&G is readying to launch a new Pampers diaper line with features unique to children of different ages.

During a conference call on Tuesday, P&G CEO and president A.G. Lafley indicated such changes would be forthcoming. “I can’t stand losing market share, so we’re going to decide quickly,” he said. He stressed that “product innovation was the key to reviving its Luvs brand,” whose decline in category share comes as private-label diapers have increased their dollar share 3.8 percent and volume share 6.2 percent, according to industry analysts.