Peter Piper Pizza “Pizza Historian”

Am I eager to go to a Peter Piper Pizza after seeing the chain’s new spots? No. But that’s part of the success of this campaign (via Moses Anshell of Phoenix). They wouldn’t want me there anyway. Peter Piper is not just a pizza place but a “pizza and entertainment restaurant” (as the chain’s Web site explains). New spots will lure the people who like that sort of thing while warding off those (like me) who don’t. And if the second function isn’t quite as important as the first, it’s useful nonetheless. It’s a good thing for all concerned when ads for a restaurant chain (or a cruise line or a resort) deflect people who wouldn’t have a good time if they came. Their glum presence would be a downer for the core customers, and they’d be a source of negative word-of-mouth ever after. One spot shows two skee ball teams in an enthusiastically contested match at their local Peter Piper. Another shows a knock-hockey match whose contestants are clad in ice-hockey regalia. Peter Piper enthusiasts will feel their clan is being suitably celebrated, while those who prefer their food without all the hub-bub will run for cover. The spot shown here takes a somewhat more circuitous approach as it features a professorial, tweed-jacketed man who has a library of pizza boxes containing (we eventually realize) relics of pizzas he’s had over the years at Peter Piper. Is this man the prototypical Peter Piper Pizza partisan? Clearly not. But people who are habitues of the chain will enjoy the notion that someone who’d normally look down his nose at them (over his fussy half-glasses) has been so captivated by the same pizza they enjoy.–Mark Dolliver