Pesticide Spots Feature TV Doc

Actress Jane Seymour and her twin sons pitch all-natural pesticides and insect repellents in the first national TV and print campaign from Northlich for Bioganic Safety Brands.

Two 30-second spots from the Cincinnati shop tagged “Putting families first” break today in regional markets and go national in May. A total of 16 versions of the spots were developed to target geographic markets and demographic groups.

Print executions appear in the May issue of Good Housekeeping.

Seymour, known for her role as the frontier physician in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, tested Bioganics in her home before agreeing to promote them, the agency said.

“Jane, our research shows, represents realism and creditability for mothers with pets and children,” said John Bloomstrom, Northlich’s senior vice president and director of business development.

Seymour is also spokeswoman for Bioganic’s “Care for Kids” public relations campaign, also developed by Northlich.

The agency’s TV work features Seymour in family settings with her kids and a golden retriever. In one, she’s shown playing outside with her boys.

“As a mom with two kids who are all over the place, I worry about what is in the insect repellents I use,” she says.

In “Kitchen Jane,” the twins run inside the house as Seymour speaks about the merits of using natural household pesticides.

Seymour’s last commercial campaign was for Gerber Baby Foods, which also featured her twins. That 1998 campaign was developed by Noble & Associates.

“It’s easier to create the right message, the right image, working with Jane and her sons,” Bloomstrom said.

Bioganic, a Nashville, Tenn., startup, developed a line of people-friendly insecticides last year. In 1999 it hired Northlich for market research of its new products, Bloomstrom said.

Bioganic spent about $2 million on media last year, according to Competitive Media Reporting. Spending for the Seymour campaign was not disclosed.