personal space

Ever wonder what your colleagues think you do in your spare time? Perhaps you should.

A new campaign for Safeweb, which facili tates anony mous Web surfing and shopping, plays heavily on the everyday secrets people are loathe to reveal.

The print campaign from Grant, Scott & Hurley in San Francisco has folks in everyday situations revealing their most intimate thoughts. One print ad, for example, shows several businessmen standing around holding coffee cups. Instead of traditional “No. 1 Dad” messages or sports team logos, the mugs boast such lines as “I’m taking Prozac” and “My résumé is all over town.”

In another print ad, several people are shown walking down the street holding signs that say “I think I have herpes” and “No one has responded to my personal ads.”

The ads will break this month in Wired, Brill’s Content and other computer magazines.