Perrault Co. Owner Returns To Houston HQ

By Glen Fest

DALLAS–Having left her startup Christian radio network and nearing recovery from severe injuries, Patsy Perrault is back in Houston to run her media agency full-time.

The owner of media and planning firm The Perrault Co. has returned from Nashville, Tenn., where she moved in 1993 with her husband to operate the Morningstar Radio Network and manage a satellite office of her eight-year-old firm.

She returns having profited from the sale of Morningstar but still suffering from the aftereffects of a nasty sidewalk spill more than two years ago that broke her leg and shoulder and crushed her elbow to the extent that doctors had to reconstruct an artificial joint.

‘There are no more surgeries, and I’m still using a crutch to make sure I don’t fall again,’ said Perrault, who said she is in good spirits.

Perrault has put out the call that she is back in Houston mainly to avoid confusion with her recent long-distant role at her shop. The past four years had Perrault running the Houston operation from Tennessee in a part-time supervisory capacity (including from a hospital bed) while getting Morningstar off the ground.

Morningstar, founded in Houston in 1992, was moved to Nashville to better syndicate the network’s music fare to Christian contemporary stations nationwide, according to Perrault. After first taking on a partner in recording industry professional Thomas Nelson, the Perraults withdrew from the business after it was sold last fall to the Salem Radio Network.

That led to Perrault moving the Nashville operations of her media firm back to Houston, where she has now assumed day-to-day planning and buying duties for clients such as the $1 million Greater Houston Cable Association account and the Kelsey Seybold Clinics business.

Perrault said the office will retain its five full-time and part-time employees, as well as a Dallas staffer. The shop is working with about 15 creative boutiques in Houston.

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