Pepsi Super Spot Stars Ozzy

NEW YORK A Pepsi Twist spot in which Ozzy Osbourne dreams his kids are really Donny and Marie Osmond is one of four Super Bowl commercials from Pepsi-Cola North America.

The spots, created by the Purchase, N.Y., client’s long-time lead creative agency, BBDO in New York, will run in-game on ABC’s telecast Jan. 26. Two spots are for Sierra Mist, another features Diet Pepsi.

In the Osbournes’ spot, Ozzy’s kids “unzip” Pepsi cans to reveal that they’re really Pepsi Twists. “You’re a bunch of bloody magicians,” Ozzy says in bewilderment. Then, Jack and Kelly announce that they’re not really Osbournes, but Osmonds, “unzipping” their faces to become the famous 1970s brother/sister act, Donny and Marie. As they sing, the scene cuts to Ozzy waking from the “nightmare,” crying out his wife Sharon’s name. The woman next to him offers comfort. She’s not Sharon, but Florence Henderson who played Carol Brady on the 1970s sitcom “The Brady Bunch.

Two spots for Sierra Mist, the Pepsi brand that launched nationally earlier this month, emphasize its refreshment value during hot weather. In one, a monkey at the zoo is flung into a pool. In another, a man’s dog kicks a fire hydrant, unleashing the cap and drenching them both.

For Diet Pepsi, a guy enjoying a rock concert is stunned to see his dad next to him, enjoying the show.