Patron Aims for ‘Perfection’

DALLAS A Richards Group campaign for Patron Tequila includes a pair of spots in high definition and a Web site that allows visitors to post text, audio and video messages on issues introduced in the client’s print, broadcast, online and outdoor ads.

The concept of debating perfection is used throughout the campaign, which follows conversations about topical issues.

Print ads contain copy on one side of the page that reads: “Some perfection is debatable,” and on the other side, under an image of a Patron Tequila bottle, the copy states: “Some is not.”

Iterations running in entertainment publications such as Premiere and Rolling Stone examine the relative perfection of “The Book or The Movie,” and “Vinyl vs. Digital.” An ad in Sports Illustrated poses the question “DH vs. No DH,” referring to baseball’s designated hitter.

Television spots in the campaign are airing on cable networks such as Comedy Central, E!, Golf Channel, Logo, Sci-Fi and Bravo. The spots look at topics such as “Football vs. Futbol,” and “Animal House vs. Caddyshack,” while a voiceover reminds viewers, “Some perfection is debatable. Some is not.”

The client has spent about $5 million on ads so far this year after spending nearly $12 million in measured media in 2005, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.