A man tosses and turns, desperately trying to sleep. What’s keeping him awake? Agonizing about laying up on a short par five, according to a new spot by Oasis for Golfonline, Golf Magazine’s companion Web site.

But there’s hope for this poor soul yet. “In the middle of the night, when uncertainty overcomes you, and torment robs you of rest, there is someplace you can turn,” the voiceover advises. This copy appears: “Private lessons. Anytime. Anywhere.” Golfonline’s Web address then flashes onscreen.

In another spot, a man has an internal debate, ostensibly about his investments. “Life is full of difficult questions,” his inner voice says. “Is my portfolio diversified? Will I be able to afford my children’s education?”

But finances are not his main concern. “Then there are the really im-portant questions that require expert advice,” the voice says, “like, ‘Should I get steel or graphite shafts?’ “

The work and the site “appeal to men and women who, when not playing golf, are thinking about it,” said Paul Bernasconi, the New York shop’s creative director and partner.

The commercials, part of a campaign that includes print and Web ads, broke late last month and are running on The Golf Channel.

PHOTOS BY Nigel Parry