Pass-Along Tater Praise

Atlanta’s Sawyer Riley Compton recently discovered it had done double duty when a print advertisement for one client made another organization very happy.
A recent SRC ad for Wear-Dated Upholstery shows a comfortable consumer lounging on a fluffy sofa. Accompanying copy states: “To a couch potato, this is Idaho.”
When the Idaho Potato Commission, which keeps an eye peeled for spud references, saw the print ad in Country Living magazine, it alerted the organization’s vice president for legal and government affairs, Patrick Kole.
“Outside of our own advertising, this is the best ad I’ve ever seen for our potatoes,” Kole said. “It’s a very flattering comparison, and conveys the exact image and message that we’re trying to give to consumers.”
“Call me the potato queen,” said proud SRC account executive Sherri Sorrell.
Kole liked the ad so much that he has received permission from the agency to include it in a presentation he is making later this month about comparative advertising.
-T.W. Siebert