A Party Divide on Media Usage

Voters in Democratic districts of California relied mostly on the televised debate and network and cable news to make their decisions in the gubernatorial recall. Those in GOP districts more often sought out information from newspapers and cyberspace.

Those are the top-line findings in Initiative Media’s most recent analysis of media usage and attitudes toward political ads among 500 participants in an online survey. “Democrats tend toward electronic, sound-and-image-based media,” said Stacey Lynn Koerner, director of global research integration at Interpublic Group’s Initiative in New York. “Republicans were seeking to control their information-gathering experience and as a group tend to watch television less.”

Koerner added that, “voters are now accustomed to searching for information they need by consulting multiple sources of media.”

Regardless of party affiliation, the news anchor voters said they turned to most for political information was CBS’ Dan Rather, at 31 percent. In fourth place: Fox’s Bill O’Reilly with 17 percent.