It’s a staggering statistic: Three out of five Hispanic girls get pregnant at least once by age 20, according to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. (Two out of five girls overall get pregnant by age 20.)

How do we address this delicate issue? The NCPTP, based in Washington, has teamed with The Bravo Group in New York and Time Inc.’s People en Espa&#x00F1&#x003B;ol to tar get the parents, not the teens, with two pro bono print ads.

This is the first campaign the nonprofit has created solely in Spanish.

“We knew we wanted to create something for the Hispanic commun ity,” said NCPTP media program associate Rochelle Tafolla. “We didn’t just want to translate the material we had because that wouldn’t be culturally relevant.”

The first ad, running in the May issue of People en Espa&#x00F1&#x003B;ol, depicts a woman’s face making a “Shh!” motion. The copy reads: “Your silence can change your teen ager’s life.”

The second ad shows a man’s face with a zipper over his mouth and a teen ager’s jeans with the zipper down. Copy reads: “If we close down, this could open up.”

The NCPTP also devised tips on talk ing to teens about pregnancy, which are appearing in the Spanish-language magazine Chris tina.