Palmer, Schoenfeld Team Up, Win 1

Media agency RJ Palmer has formed an alliance with marketing consultancy Scho en feld & Partners, and in their first effort together, the duo has landed The Wiz’s esti mated $15 million media buying and planning duties. The win follows a review of other, undisclosed shops.

The electronics chain is now talking to shops about its creative duties as well. Media and crea tive had been handled in-house or on a project basis. Newspaper buy ing remains in-house.

This was the first joint pitch for Palmer and Schoenfeld; the latter formerly consulted for the client.

Scho enfeld principals Jay Scho en feld and Gil Farley have moved into Palmer’s New York offices and will provide “strategic thinking, interpretation of research and more effective targeting” for Palmer clients, said Schoenfeld. The con sult ancy will be paid on a fee basis and continue to operate as a sep arate entity. It will still conduct media reviews, but Palmer will not be involved in them.

“This is a huge re source we can provide cli ents and potential new clients,” said Palmer pres ident Peter Knob loch. “[Scho enfeld] brings a wealth of know ledge and experience.”

Palmer bills about $500 million from clients such as Mike’s Hard Lem onade, Church & Dwight and The Scotts Co. In April, the shop bought itself back from Pan oramic Communications, which owns ad agency Earle Palmer Brown, after three years under Panoramic’s ownership.