Painting Is Pun

The Art Institute of Boston hopes to lure new students to its campus with a print campaign featuring a purple dot, a red square and a green blob.
The pro bono campaign, created by Mintz & Hoke in Avon, Conn., pretends to illustrate the early works of artists such as Georges Seurat (the dot), Piet Mondrian (the square) and Jackson Pollock (the blob). The idea, said agency president Chris Knopf, is to lend the school a hip, contemporary image.
“You have to be hip, but you can’t tell this audience that you’re hip,” Knopf said. “This way, it’s like sharing an inside joke.”
Billboards proclaiming that “Warhol is not the capital of Poland” and “Monet is not the root of all evil” break in August.
Print ads are running in The Boston Globe, Boston Phoenix and Art New England through January, while transit ads will be posted in August and September and then again in December and January. –Sarah Jones