Pagano Makes Connection for United Way

Pagano Schenck & Kay has developed a new print and outdoor advertising campaign for the United Way of Massachusetts Bay. PSK has served as agency of record for the client for the past two years, and created the work pro bono.

The effort builds on last year’s campaign, which featured the line “Behind every statistic, there’s a person.”

This year’s print ads attempt to drive home the message that the United Way cares, community by community, and indicates how donor support can “connect the dots” to aid the United Way’s causes.

“Your donation to United Way fills in the possibilities, just as your pencil fills in the dots,” said Woody Kay, creative director on the account.

One print execution features a girl sitting at a connect-the-dots desk. Text reads, “With your donation, teens at risk can get the counseling they need to stay in school.” Another ad shows a woman and child in front of a connect-the-dots house, with the message, “Only with your donation can we give shelter to those in need.” Ads use the United Way’s national tagline, “The way you care community by community.”

While the artwork appears simple, the connect-the-dots visual was difficult to create, said art director Kevin Daley. “When we photographed the models, we shot on a white background,” said Daley. “They had to react to things that were not there,” such as a little girl pretending to sit at a desk or a little boy walking with a mentor.

Print ads are running in the Massachusetts Bay area in newspapers and magazines. PSK also developed local radio spots.