OVAB Expands Into Europe

The Out of Home Video Advertising Bureau announced Tuesday (Nov. 25) the opening of a European chapter, OVAB Europe, based in Hamburg, Germany.

Like its U.S. counterpart founded in 2007, OVAB Europe’s goal is to advance the digital out-of-home video medium by providing uniform industry standards and strengthening the dialog between manufacturers, service providers and the advertising industry.

The board for OVAB Europe will be led by Dirk Hülsermann, director of business development for Neo Advertising, who will serve as chair and president of OVAB Europe. Also on the board: Ronni Guggenheim, president of Minicom Durope, as vice chairman; and Richard Malley, managing director of YOC AG Berlin, as treasurer.

Founding member companies of OVAB Europe are Neo Advertising, Invidis Consulting (Munich, Germany), ECE Flatmedia (Hamburg, Germany), IBM Deutschland (Stuttgart and Dusseldorf), PHILIPS, NEC DISPLAY Solutions and Minicom Advanced Systems Ltd.

“Working with this group will continue to bolster our efforts within the industry, making it easier for the international advertising community to evaluate, plan and buy digital and video advertising networks,” said Suzanne Alecia, president of OVAB.